Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good luck me!

Well, the low main event of the SCOOP starts in a little over 8 hours so I’m off to bed now.

I’ve decided given all the advice given to treat this game like any other and just play it. Forget the buy-in! If I bust, I lose nothing. If I min-cash, I’m up a couple hundred, if I win, I turn my life around for the better.

Wish me luck because I reckon I’ll need it.

I’ve been saving my “1 time” the past week and I hope that pays off.

If I can just run good in this event, oh please, let me run good!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The reason I’ll always stay at PokerStars.

Recently PokerStars held a competition for all bloggers to write specific articles for them and in return all bloggers that did this got a $22 ticket into a SCOOP event and the best 50 bloggers got a $109 ticket.

My first article was this one

Consecutive 180 player tournaments, both ITM!

I worked quite hard on this and followed all the required guidelines that were set out.

Through an unfortunate problem with communications there was an error between me and PokerStars and the article was never noticed.

A few days before the SCOOP started I sent a follow up email asking what the next step was and it was discovered that my original notification of the email sent was overlooked.

Through no-ones intentional fault PokerStars immediately rectified the problem by issuing me the $22 ticket for completing the article and a $109 ticket for writing one of the better posts.

I was quite upset when I found out that my original article was never seen but due to the overwhelmingly superb reputation PokerStars have they fixed everything with 24 hours of the issue being raised.

It is reasons like this that I have been and will continue to be a loyal player/customer with them.

I’ve had similar problems like this in the past with other networks and it ALWAYS has fallen of deaf ears.

I sincerely thank PokerStars for fixing this so fast and with that I am finally taking my shot at a big game.

As I’ve been issued a ticket and not tournament dollars I have no choice to play a game so I’ve entered into the low game of the SCOOP main event.

Finally after so many years of grinding micro stakes tournaments’ I am able to play a huge game and ‘take that shot’ I’ve been waiting for.

I’ll be spending every day leading to this event playing micro stakes mtts just to practice my play. The only problem I’m finding is playing for example a 50c mtt with 2000 people I get into spots where I ask myself “Would these people plat like this if it was a $100 game?” and I keep answering no. However I haven’t played a game so big for several years now so I really don’t know. Maybe there is a heap of donks that play and make moves as bad as they would in micro games?

I can already assume that a large portion of the field will be satellite qualifiers but I also assume there will be some serious solid grinders that are leaps and bounds ahead of me.

I am undecided on my approach towards the game at this stage. It’s either super-conservative trying to make the money then climb levels, or do I just take this opportunity to go for it all, which is statistically very difficult. With my current bankroll after a few withdrawals the buy-in alone represents over 20% of my money so even just cashing in this instance would help tremendously. On the flip side of that I can’t see myself having an opportunity to play in a $1 million prize pool again too soon. So you can see how I am quite torn on which approach to take.

One thing I swear, should I run good in this game I’ll never whinge about bad beats and suck outs again lol. Hell I’ll take 4 years of crap just to run well in this game.

Interested in your feedback and welcome to any advice if you are experienced in these types of games.

To the poker gods if you are reading this all I have to say is……. ONE TIME!
(Promise I’ll never say it again :) )

Thanks for reading and again thank you to PokerStars for giving me this opportunity to play and finally have the chance to take down something big.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Results for SCOOP Event 8 low.

Should be happy, but I’m not. Another min-cash and the standard bullshit hand occurred.

This happened about 15 minutes after the money bubble burst.

Don’t blame the opponent at all for the move just so disappointed to get it in as a 80%+ favourite and lose this far into the game. Had I have held up I would have been in the top 100 of over 2500 players left.

That hand aside, I felt I played great and am proud to have made it so far. Just wish KK held for me because it would have been a damn big run and maybe given me the opportunity to finally play some decent stakes whilst still using bankroll management.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Happy Valentines love. Bit late but this is pure gold.

Well done boys