Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daleroxxu’s player interviews; GET ON IT!

Just a quick post to plug a player I have huge respect for Daleroxxu.

Dale has been kind enough to interview some of the best online poker players in the world and made these available for anyone to listen to.

In my opinion these are the best interviews I’ve heard because they are real, no bullshit to any of them. Dale asks the most down to earth and relevant questions any aspiring online player would want to hear.

Dales interviews to date are:
Jonathan Little
MI Turtle

I won’t offer the links here, go and check out his blog and you’ll be find links to all of them on the right hand side under “Daleroxxu Interviews”.

Dale has been in the online circuit for some time and his achievments include a winning the main event of the 2006 WBCOOP and he has been crushing SnGs for years now. He is currently ranked 19th for all Double or Nothing SnGs with buy-ins ranging from $36-$100 but I’m sure if he played more he’d easily be higher than that.

If you’ve not heard them get over there and download, they are an awesome listen.

Thanks for sharing Dale.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thanks again Anonymous!

Well yet again I have failed to update regularly enough and been reminded to do so. I’d love to know who you are Mr or Mrs Anonymous, but thank you again for reminding me and please note my update is up less than 24 hours of your comment.

Unfortunately I haven’t got a lot to report on at least not for another month or so.

I’ve double up the BR since I last posted so yay for me! I’ve done this via micro stakes cash & HU SnGs, really enjoying the HU SnGs but not so much the cash, I really think I’ve engrained tournament forms of poker on myself. I don’t know what it is I just cant seem to get down with cash and the only success I had was short-stacking which is hardly a long term prospect I wish to pursue.

Been flat out with work (non poker realted) and a few poker related projects which I’ll be sharing shortly, hopefully be the end of next month. But since my last post which was a little over 2 weeks ago I’ve probably played less than 5 hours.

I know this is a sucky update so bear with me. Will have some good and longer news to report early-mid September. Really just making this post so you all know I’m still here


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bookmark this post (Aug 10 2010)

I have me a plan. Going into details of it shortly but really wanted to use this post as a bookmark.

Here's the updated BR.

Don't ask how it came about.

Pretty baller huh!

I'm quite down on myself for the lack of updates but with this (plan) being put into effect within the next 5 minutes after I hit publish post, I will be updating more regularly like I used to.

I have a tonne to talk about, but not tonight. Just use this post as a bookmark for a turning point.