Saturday, January 30, 2010

Result for WBCOOP Event 5.


Yeah right! Like I was even a chance in the 8game. 30 minutes before the start f the game I had to learn the hand rankings for Razz & 7-2 triple draw. Had fun though, had heaps of fun to be honest. I pretty much lost in every game and managed to ship it in during NLHE & PLO, that’s until someone actually figured out what I was doing. Did last 3 cycles of game types.

Main Event in 2 days, that’s the one I’ll take a whole lot more seriously.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Result for WBCOOP Event 4. (The most important lesson you will ever learn about online poker inside!)

You can only shove 7 2 for 20 big blinds if it’s NOT SUITED, sutied will never win for you.

See below.

You see! PokerStars RNG was about to give me runner runner but after the turn was dealt they realized I was sooted and didn’t give me my straight. Off suit 7 2 will crack anything! How could I have been so dumb.

8 game tomorrow morning. I’ve never played the 8game in my life. When I was watching mixed games with my mate we always had to pause and ask “hang how is that the winning hand?” So I expect tomorrow to be an interesting event to say the least.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Result for WBCOOP Event 3.

Fuck this game, seriously. Busted 258th to this joke

Guy was min-raising me bvb every hand. Can’t blame him always had me out-stacked. Finally wake up with AK and of course river suckout.

Back tomorrow, argh!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Result for WBCOOP Event 2.

Busted 941 out of 1634 which for me wasn’t to bad considering I’ve never played a PLO tourney before. My god it was fun. My only downfall was not taking it to seriously and gambling it up too much. But I vowed to either have a massive stack or be busto before the first break, I just happened to be busto lol.

Tommorows game start an hour later so I get a little more rest and am going to bust my ass to at least get a damn ticket. Considering a few people from Dales chat room got one yesterday I need to keep up with the pace.

On a completely separate matter have a look at this hand from a DoN I played yesterday.

Sparkie256 gets my award for dumbest call I’ve seen this year, but you allowed me to cash so thank you very much lol.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Result for WBCOOP Event 1. (FML)

Busted 12 spots for the money. Well can’t really say ‘money’ as it’s offering tickets to the next scoop but ffs that sucked.

Had some fun though to be honest. Spent the whole time on Dale’s live stream talking shit and listening to hip hop, even had a last longer prop bet with him, conveniently made when I had 7K to his 2K, but we agreed on 3:1 and I’m now up $5 lol.

Hand that busted me below.

Of course this had to be a blind on blind spot too.

Even though starting prizes were only an $11 ticket, it would have been nice to say I cashed in a wbcoop event and also done a little justice to the 3+ hours I put in. I could have folded my way to the money but I’m trying to stop playing that kind of game and actually win some damn mtts.

Today’s loss has given me the inspiration to play all the wbcoop events so I’ll be back tomorrow for event 2 which funnily enough is a PLO event. I’ve played less than 24 hours of PLO in my life so should be fun.

If Dale’s streaming again, which I think he will, I’ll just bum around there but change my play style to make it interesting.

Be back tomorrow.


Monday, January 25, 2010

16 tabled successfully – an actual poker post!

First off I would like to say sorry to the people that have been following my blog for so long. It has been a while since my last post and I’ve had a little flack for the lack of updates so sorry for the absence.

The truth is since I drew my BR last year and re-deposited with $500 poker has really been quite frustrating and uneventful for me. I’ve played ridiculous amounts of volume and watched my BR go up to $650 then back down to $500, back and forwards non stop for a couple months now and it’s really annoying me.

I think one of my main problems is I am so god damn sick of playing micro stakes, it’s driving me insane. The majority of peoples place make no sense at all and it is extremely difficult to grow and play solidly when people call you down constantly with absolute garbage only to runner runner me at a crucial moment. But I won’t blame bad luck to no growth, it is mostly my fault as my passion for micro stakes is non-existent yet I still love the game more than ever so I’m kind of stuck in a rut.

I need to grow and get to stakes that I’m excited about and know I can make a decent income from. There is a plan for this but I can’t get into details. All I can say is that something I’ve been waiting for a very long time is about to happen for me and this will either change nothing, which I doubt, or escalate my results dramatically in the positive direction.

Last November I mentioned I would have a shot at 16 tabling. At that time I failed only achieving 12 with the results with 6 wins and 6 losses. I felt a little freaked out about the pace of the games I didn’t return to it. This attempt was at Titan playing $11 6max DoNs.

Yesterday, assuming one of my main problems is sheer lack of volume, I played 16 games with 2 stacks of 8 tables. My god that was fast. I did this back at PokerStars and it’s also worth mentioning that I don’t use any scripts. Having done it once I really think I need the following things:
Time bank clicker
Auto open SnGs
Auto fold button.

If anyone reading this knows if I can get this stuff for free please let me know. I know Table Ninja will do all of the above but I can’t afford to buy it at the moment. Saying that if I maintain the success I had yesterday 16 tabling I may fork out for it.

I couldn’t have been happier with my results and will do it again after this post.
Here they are

That’s it for now, hopefully my poker career is about to take a massive upswing, will keep you updated when I have more results.

Thanks for reading

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I went to an extremely attractive female doctor today for my annual checkup.

She told me that I had to quit masturbating.

I asked why and she said, "Because I'm trying to examine you."

Monday, January 18, 2010

I was walking through the cemetery this morning

Saw a guy crouching down behind a tombstone.

I said, "Morning."

He said, "No, just taking a shit."

Friday, January 15, 2010


Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code: 229289