Monday, June 22, 2009

No more data entry – YAY.

As some may or may not know, I’ve been keying results and statistics for all game types for some time now. In a failed attempt to get away from this I purchased PT3 late last year. Unbeknownst to me, it is practically a useless piece of software for tournament tracking. Finally last weekend I just took the plunge and got my self Holdem Manager.

Like a blessing from the gods this piece of software is. It has been a right pain to start a SnG, log the start time, enter the final place, and calculate the time played (4 games at a time) all in my head. Now with nothing more than a single mouse click, it’s all taken care of. Just need to make a few small personalisations and I’ll be happy

It’s also helped my avoid looking at my actual BR so hopefully there will be a nice surprise at the end of the month. I know as of right now I’m down, so any positive figure, I’ll be happy with.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brag for the month

4 games - 4 Cashes.

Doesn't happen often but damn its good when it does
3 wins, 1 2nd

Gotta give thanks to the trainers at SnG Grinders. After watching your videos confidenece in coming back, and understanding why and when to make certain moves starting to make a lot more sense.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Results for May 2009.

Start of May 2009 BR =$2668.40
End of May 2009 BR = $2973.57

Overall $305.17 Profit
Bankroll increase of 11.44%

Where did the money come from?
Ring games = -$154.01
SnG's = - $16.8
MTT's = $339.98
Bonuses = $136

Super disappointed with myself for not showing a profit in the SnG section for the month but easily explainable. I played 3 main games for May.
• Full Tilt $12 9man turbos
• Poker Stars $16 9man turbos
• Titan Poker $11 6man turbo Double or Nothings.

FT & PS showed a healthy profit. Dropped around $300 on Titan. Went a little crazy for a while. I saw I was not far off from maintaining my silver status @ Titan so I decided to open up a ridonkulous amount of tables and play just so I could maintain my VIP status heading into June. So basically I lost $300 on these crappy games to maintain a $10/month loyalty bonus, WTF? Not doing that again.

Different mindset/approach/strategy between a regular SnG and a DoN. I’m sticking to my regs at FT & PS. Might start 4tabling $11 9man turbos at Titan but need a sample size from there first to get an expected winrate. Might even grind out 100 or so next week to get an idea.

My plans for the month of June:
• Focus on grinding it out and 1 or 2 specific types of games and locations.
• Keep watching videos from SnG Grinders and posting in their forums (best investment I’ve made so far)
• Play MTTs only for the win, no more of this ‘trying to scrape in mentality’
• Start playing more frequently the Stars 180 player turbo, probably the $12s to start with. Thanks to a video from TigerBalm I’m quite happy with his strategy and hope to use it myself, just pray I don’t run completely card dead.
• Implementing a daily stop/loss and stop/win amount (still considering whether this a smart move or not, too many pros and cons to make a concrete decision.

Overall, happy with 10% growth. Obviously I want more but if I took my money to a bank and asked for a 30day term deposit, I don’t think anyone will give me that type of return.

That’s it for May folks.