Wednesday, November 4, 2009

16 tabling, all night session & FFS @ min-cashing.

16 tabling:
Since the redeposit of $500 things are going ok, nearly up to $600 after a week of 8 tabling $5 DoNs. I’m a little frustrated that I’m playing the $5 games because I was running around 8% at the $10 games but I have a 100 buyin rule to follow. Even though I am very confident at the $10s experience tells me that all I need is a few bad sessions mixed with the games natural serving of variance and BOOM, money gone! Bugger that, I’d rather play it patient.

I’m now very confident 8 tabling and have decided to take a shot at 16 tabling. Over a year ago I started 4 tabling which to me now seems far to slow. I’m finding myself a few downtime periods while playing which I wouldn’t have though imaginable a year ago “downtime periods whilst playing 8 games at a time” crazy!

I’m going to start this only when the site traffic is at it’s highest as I don’t want to have a scenario where I have half my games at 200/400 and the other half at 25/50. If I can keep them as close as possible that should make those split second decisions a little easier.

Anyone reading this that plays of has played with success at > 8 talbes, please drop me a line, love some feedback. I'll basically have 2 monitors, 4x2 stacked on each other.

Will report with results shortly.

All night session:
The last time I did a all night session I got up at 7:30, went to work until 18:00, got home did the family thing, started playing at 22:00, played through till 7:00, then went back to work until 18:00, then came home, fell over and woke up 14 hours later.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to work today, but I’m still a little delirious. They say server insomnia can be worse than LSD, wonder if that true? (Hold on while I squash that pink elephant…….OK I’m back) I’ve only been up for 31 hours so no need to go to crazy yet.

Anyways, I got in a fair amount of games, but played people I haven’t come across before, probably because I don’t usually play from 2:00-8:00.

Mixed in with my 8 games I also played several MTTs, which leads me to my next subject.

FFS @ Min-Cashing:

Played 5 games, lost the first 4, then started my last one at 5:00. Just under 700 runners paying the top 80. Played the first hour well, expect for one hand that went AIPF 1010 vs KK, no 10 for me. That hand didn’t cripple me but put me back to my starting stack. Start of the second hour just couldn’t get anything going and before I knew it, I was facing the most fucked up question I always seem to face in MTTs, do I crawl and cash or start playing like a maniac?

Like a spineless, gutless, chicken-shit player, I opted to crawl (you know you’ve done it too at some stage!). I had around 2800 with blinds at 200/400/50. I do however; have a very proud accomplishment from this scenario.

I can’t recall the exact numbers but I specifically remember there was a gap of 400 so bear that in mind.

Here what happened.
81 players left, BUBBLE TIME. I was about 5th lowest in chips overall. I was SB with 3000 and BB had 2600. As I was being dealt in I thought to myself, the BB sure as hell doesn’t want to bubble, obvious right! Now if the table folds to me I can shove blind and 1 of 3 things will happen.

1: I’ll pick up the pot, which is like a 50% increase to my entire stack
2: I’ll knock him out bubbling him and doubling up at the same time
3: I’ll lose to him, but still have 400 left and needing to survive 8 hands before I’m blinded all in. I knew even if that happened and I was down to 400, I’m not BB for 8 more hands and knowing these donkaments, some wanker with 20K will unnecessarily go bust.

Suffice to say, I stole his blind. Really was a situation where no matter what cards they were, because of that scenario, I could not lose by shoving. VERY COOL.

So I cashed, yay. However, I’m still bloody short. Before I knew it I was down to top 50 and 1quarter of the chip average. Finally picked up A7o and shoved from late position to be called by monster stack in SB with 66. Cool, at least I’m flipping with my garbage.

Board: K 5 T, J, 9 – you could probably see me jumping after the turn screaming A Q 7!!!!

So yet another min-cash. For all you MTT pros reading this, ffs drop me a line and help me get over this ‘crawl into min-cash mentality’.

So that’s it for onw, I’ve rambled a lot of shit and am dying for some rest, hovever ratsauce89 starts his challenged soon and I have to rail some of that so no more sleep for me right now.

GL all.