Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quick modest brag.

I thought I’d go back to ‘old school’ poker playing and play my 9player turbo STT SnGs, the games I cut my teeth in years ago.

Pic below says it all

8 games 8 cashes. Can’t ask for much more.
I’ve only played 2 sets 4tabling them, like I used to and feel my game is quite strong there. The only question is will I continue to play SnGs or focus on something else?

I also only have a BR of ~$160 which is a little over 20 buy-ins for this limit, this could be potential BR suicide.

But for the time being I just wanted to brag, I mean I haven’t had the opportunity to do that for a while.

I am meeting with a good friend and well respected live cash player tomorrow to hopefully construct a specific and dedicated path so I can get back on tracks and actually try to establish a career, one step at a time.

Will post thoughts on that shortly

Cheers all