Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Results for March 2009.

Start of March 2009 BR = $2361.96
End of March 2009 BR = $2568.39

Overall $206.43 Profit
Bankroll increase of 8.74 %

Where did the money come from?
Ring games = $23.15
SnG's = $137.30
MTT's = $45.98
Bonuses = $0

I should probably be happy with a profit shouldn’t I? This year, particularly the past few weeks has been really trying for me. I’ve been so upset about the pitiful amount of money I’ve made this year. 2009 I’m showing a profit of $119.64. I was making this almost week in week out in the later stages of 2008. I know what most people will say, I should be happy as only ~30% of people do show profits from online poker but I can’t help to ask the question of when. When am I finally going to hit that big MTT win? When am I going to be showing profits over 1K per month?

Impatience is kicking in for me and I already know that formula.
Impatience = lack of discipline.
Lack of discipline = losing money.

Given impatience is in my system at the moment I’m stepping away from the tables for a few days. I’m registered in 2 SCOOP events which start on Saturday so I’m staying off poker until then.

I’m actually hoping to get some words of encouragement from this post?

I don’t know, I may just be ranting at the moment but I really thought with a roll of 2.5K I’d be up more than ~$100 for the past 3 months.

What’s also getting at me is last month I played 13,507 hands on 10NL and ended up with 1.67BB/100. whoopee-fuckin-do.

I haven’t even posted much on the blog recently as I’ve got nothing good to write about. Hopefully I’ve had a bad stretch, (that’s the best excuse I can come up with) and it will change. But I personally reckon my head isn’t clear which is why I’m having my break.

Better news to share next time I post.