Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quick modest brag.

I thought I’d go back to ‘old school’ poker playing and play my 9player turbo STT SnGs, the games I cut my teeth in years ago.

Pic below says it all

8 games 8 cashes. Can’t ask for much more.
I’ve only played 2 sets 4tabling them, like I used to and feel my game is quite strong there. The only question is will I continue to play SnGs or focus on something else?

I also only have a BR of ~$160 which is a little over 20 buy-ins for this limit, this could be potential BR suicide.

But for the time being I just wanted to brag, I mean I haven’t had the opportunity to do that for a while.

I am meeting with a good friend and well respected live cash player tomorrow to hopefully construct a specific and dedicated path so I can get back on tracks and actually try to establish a career, one step at a time.

Will post thoughts on that shortly

Cheers all


FigJammer said...

Hey dude,

I noticed you at my tables today as I was playing. I said Hi, but I think you may have had chat turned off. Anyways good to see you back into the swing of things. I've taken the past two months off (not by choice), but i'm back now. If you want to ever catch up and go over hands or whatever just send me a message!

Good luck and run good!

-Ieatsfish (Stars)

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