Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thanks again PokerStars

Another invite to a WBCOOP event. Good luck to all bloggers taking part but over the years I've competed I'm way overdue, this one's mine!

Thanks PokerStars!!!


James Atkin said...

Hey man,

Would be great if you'd be willing to swap blog links with me. I have added you to mine @

Sigh, didn't realise the WBCOOP was on!


Anonymous said...

I can't play in this because they 1.) won't allow me to have a logo for my Betfair blog and 2.) Betfair obviously won't allow a Stars picture on my blog


Anonymous said...

Hello, do you want to exchange links? We are a very serious blog. If you want to, you can leave us a comment in our blog. We already added your blog to our blog list. Bye

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